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Updown Court - Windlesham -Surrey

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Updown Court is a neo-classical Californian style residence situated in the village of Windlesham in Surrey, England and was, in 2006, the most expensive private home on the market anywhere in the world. It is currently the largest private residence to be built in the United Kingdom since the 19th century and was listed with Savills and Hamptons International (estate agencies), in 2005 for £70 million (138 million USD). This 103-room mansion has 58 acres (230,000 m2) of landscaped gardens and private woodland. The property has been constructed using some of the rarest materials on Earth, notably marble from Italy.

History of Updown Court

The original Updown Court, was built in 1924 and had been later acquired by Lord Parker of Burley in 1977, however it was severely damaged by a fire, as a result of a ruptured gas main during the Great Storm of 1987.

Developer Leslie Allen-Vercoe

A developer, Leslie Allen-Vercoe of Surrey based Rhymer Investments Limited purchased the burnt-out shell of the property, for the approximate 2009 equivalent of £20 million (38.4 million USD) in early 2001/02, through receivership. Allen-Vercoe invested a further £38.5 million (60 million USD), of which £10 million was his own money, to re-build and re-design the property as it stands today. The new development was designed by John B. Scholz Inc, an Arizona architect company specializing in custom luxury home designs and luxury house plans. Construction began in 2002 
and the building was completed in 2006/07, therefore taking around five years in total. Notable aspects of the architecture, which has been described as “neo-classic Californian”,include it’s double staircase that is modeled on the one that fashion designer Gianni Versace had in his mansion in Miami, Florida.
 Other similarities are its Grey-slated rooftops, and one bathroom that has honey-colored granite Guatemalan marble.

The Estate:  Updown Court is entered by a £2 million (3 million USD) heated marble driveway.UPDOWN COURT


The gatehouse incorporates two bedrooms, a conservatory, a kitchen/breakfast room, a sitting room, two separate powder rooms, a security room and waiting area.

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Staff/ Guest Houses
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Estate manager’s office

Attached to the three bedroom guest accommodation is the block providing further garaging for four large vehicles, the laundry and the estate manager’s office with ensuite facilities.

 Updown Court has 103 rooms, of which 24 are bedrooms, each with its own marble en-suite bathroom. Among other features, it has a fully automated two-lane bowling alley, five swimming pools including an Infinity pool, a squash court, a floodlit tennis court, a wine cellar with a capacity for 3,000 bottles and a panic room. There are 5 acres (20,000 m2) of more than 30 different types of imported Italian marble, expansive terraces, and a customizable cinema with a 50 seat capacity. It also features an underground garage, with granite flooring, that has enough room for eight luxury cars or limousines. 


The ground floor surrounded by wide marble terraces providing access to the gardens, incorporates a grand hallway, a sunken reception area, as well as bar and dining areas which lead to the East and West Wings.

The East Wing holds the Master-bedroom Suite consisting of a sitting area,

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a limed oak corridor between the bedroom and the bathroom


direct access to the East Wing pool balcony and the glass lift to the pool area from the Master Bedroom.


 There are two powder rooms, conference room and library/reading room.



The West Wing at ground floor



level includes a cherry panelled office,

17467_1302183671111_5784730_n open plan breakfast room, kitchen,

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private sitting room,


two further powder rooms and the banqueting hall.


There is access to the West Wing pool, which is surrounded by marble pillars and which includes a beauty salon, sauna and male and female dressing rooms.


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The first floor is the main residential area, featuring eight generous bedroom suites, all en-suite.

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The penthouse floor

 The penthouse floor contains two separate penthouse apartments occupying  an entire wing of the property,  two dressing rooms, two walk through sitting/dining rooms, a terrace with infinity pool  and central leisure/reception.Updown court 17467_1302185391154_6886629_n 17467_1302185351153_1701435_n 17467_1302185191149_6682916_n 17467_1302185151148_2577761_n 17467_1302179551008_5901649_n

 each with two bedrooms, reception area, bathroom

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kitchen,  two dressing rooms, two walk through sitting/dining rooms, a terrace with infinity pool and central leisure/reception area. 

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There are also a further three balconies/terraces, including the large terrace over the port cochere.

The basement of the property:
includes an underground garage
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which can hold up to eight luxury cars

various store rooms and the industrial kitchen with cold rooms, freezer rooms and a wash room. 
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A corridor leading from the garage
accesses a glass lobby which leads into the bowling alley 

and the gymnasium area.

Close by are the male and female changing rooms,
the cinema

and wine cellar. There is also a walk in strong room/safe,

 a billiard/snooker area and a squash court.
A lift has been designed to service all floors and there is a separate lift to connect the industrial kitchen, 


with the breakfast room.

Surveillance Area
 Updown Court is set in the centre of 58 acres (230,000 m2
of delightful gardens and mature woodland.
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Neighbors include Elton John, Sarah, Duchess of York, Queen guitarist Brian May and even Elizabeth II once resided locally






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